Disaster Relief

All Nations For Christ relief to Pakistan

We endeavor to bring hope to the hopeless.
Reaching the unreached, helping the helpless,
and providing food to the hungry.
In 2010 Pakistan was under water.
The nation was devastated by the severe flood. Many lost their family members, friends, homes and properties. The survivals were exposed to sickness, hunger, and diseases.
All Nations For Christ sent some food relief to the people of Pakistan.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to make it possible.

You can become a partaker of an endless victory and success in whatever you do, if you can take part in God’s vision to help us change millions of lives around the world.
Rescuing precious lives that might be exposed to danger of deadly diseases and as a result of flood and polluted drinking water. You can help to impact their lives, give them new hope and a new beginning without you being physically present there, but through your donation or financial support we can ease their pains.
When you give, a new day of great joy is born to them, souls are saved, lives are transformed and families are restored.
The credit goes to you. You are storing your treasure in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy,
where thieves do not break in and steal.